morning with my bug

Bug: When are Kim and Kanye going to show off their baby

Not a peep from her

She hasn’t been spotted since giving birth

Probably some magazine deal or some such

Me: probably working out insanely no

so she doesnt appear with a tubby tummy

Bug: omg i was just thinking that

haha dude I don’t think that relationship will last

I am sorry

but Kanye is a Krackpot

with a K

Me: I don’t think so either

kim kardashian is weird and attentiony and all yet i do not dislike her

kanye i think has potential to be creepy and unkind

Bug: yeah, she is whatever

he seems egoistic and controlly

Me: yes

we are in agreement, as always

Bug: haha

okie off to eat a cupcake and do some odd chores around the house

later gator

Me: i want cupcake!

Bug: you are a cupcake

Me: awww!


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